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Designing collaborative online learning activities. Students want new ways to engage and collaborate. Virtual classrooms, smart collaboration tools and online professional development deliver new meet pinterest to meet learners where they are.

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Online collaborative learning theory, or OCL, is a form of constructivist teaching that takes the form of instructor-led group learning online.

In OCL, students are encouraged to collaboratively solve problems through discourse instead of memorizing correct answers. The teacher plays a crucial role as a facilitator as well as a member of the knowledge community under study.

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Successful online collaboration tool needs to be easy to use and set up. Then, it needs to be secure and to have the features that will fit your purposes - these are different for every team.

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Other useful features are the ability to upload documents, a calendar and notifications by e-mail when changes have been made to a document.

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Use online collaborative documents to develop a reflective journal template to track evidences of socio — cultural exchange during learning.

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