Komoly nő nő meeting

komoly nő nő meeting

The salts Going down this goes with the salt Okay, the first check up the first video. Thank you. Come on.

Open up for you. Some of the trucks. A few minutes. You have a second second. Are you in favor?

komoly nő nő meeting

Buh bye. You don't own the property on there.

komoly nő nő meeting

Sullivan we don't I can't. I don't know what you're talking about.

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I don't think they're on this. If they want. Permission from us Yeah, they have to have. So they contact him. I love you.

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Gabe will no longer be with us. Is designed for personal reasons. Quick easy thing here to take care of it. So we got some uh three places that I was looking to take down trees and. They wanna see I don't see no problem with it. They do not take the water away so. We'll just have watch out when they take them down and grab the wooden tree.

They won't take them. What's up right? Yes, but one of them we don't know. He likes. Don't ever know nothing. No, he doesn't have anything No no.

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Just do a second number, that's it that's hold up on that and put it on the. Put that on komoly nő nő meeting of that? We got a couple more vehicle. Here is the vehicle.

komoly nő nő meeting

Tens So December 2nd, November 25th what is. What is that for that's December 2nd, I already took care of um. November 25th I took care of. Down below komoly nő nő meeting highlighting. Zip it. For the Thank you. The decision has to be made very good. But I was supposed to do one of them, but. I'm a type of person who like that.

Involved komoly nő nő meeting Budget committee and keep on asking about it. It's gonna be at it's it's up to the policies and benefits. The budget committee's dollars go what they want to improve. Yeah, they keep on asking about. This in the uh. Chef So if you go with that right. If you go in July, We know you will have no idea what the budget of corporate and you can't. The town meeting can't set the selection. We have a policy. We already got legal opinion on that last year when I turned it in.

That's right. I know it's uh a thing this morning, but I didn't see the beginning of it I saw. And But it's solely if you'd like that, but it's uh come down to the making the decision. I didn't see that this morning. Before going to work, I was going through some of my stuff and We got komoly nő nő meeting of it too. The reason being is because residents may not necessarily know what's entailed with things either.

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We're supposed to. We have the right to we're the ones that vote on benefits. That's not what I'm talking about that Rs excuse me. I'm just speaking up you need to. I'm just asking you to adhere to your call just asking you to adhere to the law. I wanna be a leave. We don't need you to continue to talk.

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I'm not gonna leave. I'm asking you. I don't need to talk and I'm asking you to obey laws. So that's what that one is. I'm gonna go back through and. We look to all the different.

komoly nő nő meeting

Females that came about. So I haven't got anything from the state at all yet, but. It might be two different things. Yeah, No. It's all the same. I saw some place. Yeah, I appreciate you see those results in the state when seeds. She has access to that program as well. And God bless you.

You're the one you sign up. Come on come on. Oh no0 no0. No not this nope. Check this out. That was one of these. This one has clothes on it. So I had a couple things I just wanted to. Going komoly nő nő meeting there. Got brought to my attention and I didn't realize we had a business moving in the town and I guess you've been I've been all that you've been working and then so the question is that as you've been mentioned has been mentioned to him about coming in for a sign application at all, I komoly nő nő meeting sign this won't help I didn't even that wasn't close up.

I think yeah, there's a space you're using for I guess or something I didn't know I just saw. You know it does need to be redone application on the side. There's gonna be a couple things in there, but it's a commercial. I'm sorry komoly nő nő meeting interrupt.

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One of the big reason to me that it should get done is you know if we had an issue with somebody else and if we don't have them follow protocol and you know eventually it's gonna like I said I mentioned about that. That's what's considered commercial property.

What is it change? Komoly nő nő meeting used for commercial still hasn't been a business there. If you like putting a daycare there versus RG sports. It's it's still a chance. I'm not answering that question you guys do this. You know you know what I'm saying cuz the reason I mentioned the owner for the property.

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