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Ruttner farm

Built in a rustic style and resembling a small fortress, Ruttner Farm is located in the northwest corner of Ceglédbercel, 58-km southeast of Budapest on Highway No.4. which connects with Ferihegy Airport. The Farm can be approached by road from all directions, also by a direct track from the highway. Ceglédbercel is a middle-sized village in Pest-County with 5000 inhabitants who are mostly Catholic.

The main building is on the West Side corner of a 45.000 m2 area and the entrance is facing a tarmac parking lot, with a capacity for 300 cars. Turning right from the main entrance we enter the stables, which provide a comfortable home for 20 horses.

The aisles and enormous boxes are fitted with traditional wooden floors to ensure an environment that is safe, pleasant and calm for the horses, whether they are moving or resting. Included in the services are hot-cold running water for hoof washing and an infrared lamp dryer.

The tack-room is multifunctional: besides being the storage area for 12 saddles and all other kinds of riding equipment, it can also host meetings and small conferences. There are two separate changing rooms with bathrooms and showers to provide comfort for both female and male riders. The stables are linked to a two bedroom comfortable apartment, a practical residence for the grooms, providing a 24 hours surveillance of the horses. This facility is assisted by a TV camera over-watch and a fire alarm system.

Turning left, from the main entrance, we enter the full and comfortable residence of the owner's family, which contains eight bedrooms, four bathrooms and an American style kitchen with an enormous living room of over 1.000 m2.

The residence occupies the first floor of the main building. The walls are built of logs, with a stone floor and fireplace that provides a special and natural atmosphere excellent for resting and relaxation. In addition to this comfort we have installed telephones lines linked to the Internet.

Beyond our establishment we are surrounded by the vineyard-covered Golden Hills, a vast area containing equal sized sand and grass fields, which can be the site for horse shows or competitions.

In the garden there are two ponds with fish and four big paddocks for ensuring the necessary space for the free run of the horses. Also in the garden is a spectacular round-hall-building with a 11 m radius, called the "Temple of Wines", which is a tremendous place for all kinds of feasts and celebrations, with a capacity for 400 individuals seated at tables. Musical concerts or theatre performances could be organised there.

The open-air fireplace and the oven provide great and memorable garden parties. These attractions complement the big preparation and party kitchen of the main building with wine tasting rooms alongside.

Besides being an equestrian facility, RUTTNER FARM also produces wines. The furthest reach of the Gödöllő-hills extends to the border of Ceglédbercel where the stables and vineyards can be found. The good soil and the special microclimate are not only beneficial for the farm's horses, but flavour and ripen the grapes as well. It is not coincidental that the locals have referred to this area as "GOLDEN-HILL" for many generations.

Contact person: Dr. György Ruttner, available at 00-36-30-24-24-666