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The interconnections among these remain unexplored, even though imperial diets of the time made clear references to the mutual effects of distant events, as did the foremost authors historians and playwrights of the Golden Age of Spain.

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Using contemporary sources, stage plays and chronicles, I attempt to ll this gap, exploring a complex decision-making process that in the years — in uenced some aspects of imperial strategy against the Ottomans.

The promise he made to his wife on her deathbed in may also have hade an effect on how events took shape. This line of investigation offers a rare chance to deepen our insight into the decision-making processes of a transcendent series of historic events that determined the history of Hungary cavaliere woman meeting its capital for several centuries.

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Just as signi cantly, it enables us to place the Cavaliere woman meeting events in the broad international setting and to understand the European signi cance of the fall of Buda.

Finally, we see the events in Hungary as part of a broad anti-Ottoman imperial strategy that was primarily implemented in the Mediterranean but closely linked to events in Central Europe.

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Of the operations mounted by the Empire to contain Ottoman expansion, those cavaliere woman meeting the Mediterranean region were more signi cant — or have certainly been more thoroughly treated by historians — than those in Hungary.

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