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The products and procedures that made a hit for companies previously, does not mean a stable advantage for them anymore. In the growing competition, according to the changing demands, the enterprises have to come up on the market with products and services of higher quality.

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Nowadays, in this continuously sharpening competition, the knowledge, the expertise, the abilities and skills of the employees are equal to the advantage — since the different technologies and machines are available for most of the companies.

In the course of using, it is growing, revaluating. Numerous factors support the deployment and successful function of knowledge management. The above mentioned success factors determine the operation of the certain process at every level. But what does knowledge economy, knowledge management mean?

How is the knowledge management cycle in our opinion being built? What kind of relationship is between knowledge management and learning? How does the learning process of the individual look like in our theory? In the following paper we are looking for the answer for these main topics. As it is in literatures perceptible by the notion of knowledge, neither the knowledge management concepts are uniform.

Two fundamental approaches are in use from the practical view point for the determination of knowledge management: the human focused and the informatics focused. For the representative of human school the knowledge management means management of people as human resource.

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Knowledge is process in this approach. Kiss J. Molnár B. Fehér P. According to the basic assumptions of technicists every knowledge can be codify and hereby transferable.

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However, what do we mean under knowledge management? Knowledge management seeks answers for those questions that to whom, when, where, in which form and what kind of knowledge is needed. The role of knowledge management is to insure the competitiveness of the company in the new, knowledge based economy.

Among the tasks and components of knowledge management we can enumerate a number of elements.


From these we can recon the sharing and transfer of extant knowledge elements as the most important and the actuation of learning and heiden single watch winder utasítás process being built upon these as well. Bognár Krisztina — Bencsik Andrea The key elements and success factors of knowledge management 2. All of them consider knowledge transferable and they describe the knowledge life cycle namely from the formation to the application of knowledge.

On Figure 1 we present a knowledge management cycle Kiss K. Figure 1: The information — knowledge management cycle We chose this model form the numerous model that can be found in literature because we can become one with the logical structure of this model most of all.

In spite of this we felt it necessary to develop an own model because we do not agree with the essence of knowledge management process namely with the possibility of knowledge transfer.

We built up our theory not on the explicit and implicit form of knowledge Bőgel, ; Kapás, ; Kogut — Zander, ; Klimkó,although we accept that we have such knowledge that we know about and we also have such knowledge that we do not know about.

Bognár Krisztina — Bencsik Andrea 45 The key elements and success factors of knowledge management According to our theory knowledge is not transferable only a part of it, the cognition heiden single watch winder utasítás be transferred.

In our opinion the individual knowledge formation is determined by our abilities, skills, physical and psychical aptitudes that we cannot hand over transfer to others. Besides these factors our scale of values, faiths, our existing knowledge and experiences also determine whether new knowledge is formed in us or not. In our opinion integration of knowledge is an individual ability.

It is non-transferable, everyone has to build it oneself. The experience relates ingyenes kameruni társkereső all that we have done or happened with us in the past.

Knowledge contains verdict as well. Our existing knowledge makes it possible to understand new situations and information and with the new situations and information the knowledge controls and corrects itself too. Understanding and insertion are necessary conditions, which are followed by storage and recording or forgetting.

heiden single watch winder utasítás

Cognition in our understanding is nothing else than an extract of our knowledge that can be put into words, can be recorded and transferred. In our opinion the features, skills and abilities derived from the existence of individuals do not belong to this. We can position cognition between information and the implicit knowledge in the hierarchy because it is more than information considering its content but it is less than the implicit knowledge because of the missing human features in receptive.

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Approaching from this direction it is an interesting question, whether in what extent can individuals receive inputs namely cognitions, information and data coming from others and what quality and quantity of knowledge can be generated from them.

Is it possible that the same knowledge is generated in the receiver as in the cognition transmitter? In our opinion the existing knowledge base of individuals, their experiences, abilities, skills, psychical and physical aptitudes, emotional and intellectual quality is very important, since these are properties that basically determine quality and quantity scale of individual knowledge formation.

In our knowledge management model we follow the human school, in which the learning gets central role. The learning process of the organization constitutes also part of the model. We speak about the management of knowledge because we think that the central goal of the model is learning and through of it the knowledge generation.

This process is catalyzed by environment and several information technologies.

Figure 3: Knowledge management cycle, legjobb társkereső tanácsadás the process of organizational knowledge formation and management Our model has 8 mac tudni that symbolize the evolutional level of knowledge. On the certain levels the elements of knowledge management process can be found.

It is possible to be more elements on one level, when the further way of knowledge development is alternative. Knowledge can be possessed by humans on one hand but can be available at other companies from other sources.

On this level we have to pay attention to the learning and development of individuals and groups within the organization in order to come into existence the required knowledge. In Figure 4 we show the process how the knowledge is formed within individuals as an effect of external stimuli. This is the process that we call individual learning.

heiden single watch winder utasítás

We call the understanding and inserting period as a theoretical level, since the knowledge comes into existence by means of the result of brainwork, by thinking. In this case we can get cognitions and information through written materials or communication.

We call the other case as a practical case, when we experimentally for example in the course of working utilize the understood information, cognitions and only after this is knowledge formed within us. After the insertion phase there are two possibilities concerning the acquired knowledge.

One of them is to store the knowledge, the result of our brainwork in heiden single watch winder utasítás memory and later if necessary utilize it combined with our former knowledge base. However, if the to stored knowledge turns out to be unnecessary then it will be forgotten, which is an automatic process since the capacity of our brain is limited. The other possibility after the insertion is that instead of storing the acquired knowledge we utilize it directly during our work.

Of course, utilized knowledge can also be forgotten but during utilization a number of new data can also be generated that results in new information and cognitions that starts over the whole individual learning process. The above mentioned process assumed that the individual understood the information and cognitions.

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In case when the information and cognitions are not understood then the individual will not be able to insert it into his or her former knowledge base thus we cannot speak about new knowledge. Bognár Krisztina — Bencsik Andrea The key elements and success factors of knowledge management 5. By sharing and using cognitions, both the organization and the individuals acquire new information and knowledge so they reach to changed knowledge.

Level: Use of knowledge The organisation uses the available knowledge for the production or its service provider. Level: Knowledge keeping or forgetting In this level there are two possibilities concerning the further use of knowledge.

Gergely R. Sometimes it is not so simple but it can be more important in practice. For example the investigational manager of Xerox have lunch once a week with his senior-team, when they discuss what they have done good or bad and what is the lesson from all this. The goal of this is to make it possible to take over old habits and gather ground new habits. Mouio A. On this level is new knowledge in individuals and in other organizations formed. So thai társkereső svájc element, the individual knowledge formation contains the process how the individual knowledge be formed and how goes on the individual learning process.

heiden single watch winder utasítás

The Level 5 is indispensable because the organization gets here to the raising of the individual and group knowledge to organizational level. Level 8 means novelty considering models that present the knowledge management cycle because most of Bognár Krisztina — Bencsik Andrea 51 The key elements and success factors of knowledge management the models heiden single watch winder utasítás to an end at knowledge utilization or knowledge assessment and take back to the starting phase.

The unnecessary knowledge has to be removed that happens automatically in individuals.

heiden single watch winder utasítás

Skyrme and Heiden single watch winder utasítás, — Clear vision, comprehensive language. Krogh, Noticeably a lot of factors contribute to the successful operation of knowledge management, from which we recon the organizational structure, culture, information technological background and individuals with large professional knowledge as of vital importance.

However we have to emphasize that in the knowledge generation process the information technology is suitable only for transmitting and storing cognitions, information and data. We extended the above mentioned criterions with one important ideal, namely that the company has to operate as a learning organization. The knowledge originates in individual level. Numerous scientists for example Sveiby, Nonaka - Takeutchi think that knowledge is transferable and they heiden single watch winder utasítás the explicit and implicit knowledge.

In our opinion knowledge is unique feature thus only a part of it, data, information and cognitions can be transferred, shared. The cognition serves as a catalyst and it can generate knowledge in the receptive individual in the same way as information in Shannon — Weavers communication model.

Starting out from this conception completed heiden single watch winder utasítás the practical aspect approach of knowledge that is linked with the name of Ackof — and presents how the data-information-knowledge builds upon each other, which value creation process is named learning — we put into shape our own view in connection with the formation of individual knowledge.

The individual and organizational learning appears in our model in opposition with the most of models that describe the knowledge life cycle from the formation to the utilization, starting out from marosvásárhelyi társkereső oldal and implicit knowledge categories. May as well we examine the question of learning or knowledge forming on the level of individual, group or organization, the culture, structure and information technology determine the function of certain processes at every levels.

On the other hand the information technology serves as a supporting device for transmitting and storing data, information and cognition, thus it means a transmission channel in the knowledge heiden single watch winder utasítás process. Boda, Gy. MIBE konferencia, december Bőgel, Gy. In: Verseny az elektronikus üzletben. Műszaki Könyvkiadó, Budapest, pp. Davenport, T. Fehér, P. Bencsik A. Kiss, J. Molnár, B.

Kő, A. Kiss K. Budapest, Management Kiadó. Klimkó, G. Kogut, B.

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