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The platform supported by the agricultural services fribourg know the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg and Valais, provides support to innovative projects. It confirmed that there are few links between the agricultural and entrepreneurial ecosystems in terms of cooperation and specific support for innovative project initiators, although the Lake Geneva region has a strong potential for local consumption patterns: rich agricultural and agri-food resources, a strong entrepreneurial, research and innovation ecosystem as well as a growing hype for local consumption and know-how.

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Another major asset in this area is a real political will to support and promote local products. Its support desk at the interface of agriculture and entrepreneurship provides information and tools, challenges and answers the questions related to agriculture, étel, local consumption or other related issues and refers to other relevant support organizations.

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Any entrepreneur, farmer or startup can fribourg know online fribourg know benefit from the services provided by the support desk. Project owners can thus benefit from specific support with multidisciplinary experts during a period of approximately 2 évek, as well as gaining visibility and networking through specific events and via its website.

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