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From its formation untilhe was a member of the German band Scooter.

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Life On the maternal branch, his cousin H. To Baxxter Hans-Peter Geerdes. He was interested in music from a young age, thanks to his father, who played bass guitar in a band.

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Her parents divorced when she was in fifth grade. He was a member of the high school band where he played drums.

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After high school, he moved to Hanover, kislemez freiburg he continued his studies as a commercial agent, but eventually dropped out. He and H. Inthey visited Rick J. Jordan, who joined them, and founded "The Loop!

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He released four major and 13 singles with the band and then left in There were several reasons for his departure: he no longer felt joy in what he was doing, he was bothered that H. Baxxter reorganized the Scooter around himself, and also struggled with manic depression. He was only able to recover from his illness through many years of hard kislemez freiburg.

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His relationship with his cousin has deteriorated for a variety of reasons, and can still be said to be cool these days. Inwith the help of Nosie Katzmann, he embarked on a solo career, just like Ferris.

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He has released three singles with moderate success. Inhe set up his own studio, Nuturn. Inhe co-created a single project called Fragrance with Axel Coon, also an ex-Scooter member.

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He moved to England for a time and mostly made background music for commercials and films. Ina long-running dispute began between him kislemez freiburg Scooter.

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He and Kai Penschow co-produced the song "Nessaja," which he offered to an agency that was also associated with Scooter. Their version was not released, however, Scooter copied one by one, which became a big hit. Kislemez freiburg kept insisting that "Nessaja" was actually kislemez freiburg composition, and he put it that way on his own website.

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Inhowever, Scooter forbade him to continue to kislemez freiburg himself an author. In response, Ferris sued the team and made insulting statements on their own Facebook page. The lawsuit dragged on for years, then ended in an agreement, and inFerris received the royalties for the song.

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He does not kislemez freiburg to release his own version of "Nessaja". Ferris next applied in when he announced that "B. Due to creative problems, this eventually turned into nothing but kislemez freiburg few videos to log in from a studio. In a major interview in Marchhe announced again that he was going to the studio and would start his new solo material after a long time.

Biográfia Diszkográfia Bahar Kizil Bahar török származásúa szülei Antayaból, Törökországból vándoroltak Németországba. Bahar a Monrose előtt egy rockbandában énekelt! A bandát ˝Sand am Meer˝-nek hívták és Freiburg egyik legnagyobb rockcsapata volt.

There was indeed some substantial work going on for a few weeks, but the studio, which began with great publicity, soon ceased and eventually yielded nothing.

Inhe made a similar egyetlen ember keresi cég again, trying to bring together a network of creative people.

Élete[ szerkesztés ] Anyai ágon unokatestvére H. Baxxternek Hans-Peter Geerdes. Már fiatal korától kezdve érdekelte a zene, amit apjának köszönhet, aki egy zenekarban játszott basszusgitáron. Szülei ötödik osztályos korában elváltak egymástól. A középiskolai zenekar tagja volt, ahol dobolt.

He currently works for the logistics group of Deutsche Bahn German Railways. Ferris became the trademark of the panama hat worn on his head, which started a custom back in Hanover.

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